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2024 SPMF Piano Competition

Competition Information

Categories for Competitors

  1. Division I: Students ages 13 and under

  2. Division II: Students ages 17 and under

  3. Division III: Amateur adults ages 18 and over (with no age limit)

  4. Division IV: Music students and professionals ages 18 and over (with no age limit)


One standard Piece from Baroque, classical, romantic, or contemporary works without repeats. One movement is considered as one piece. Participants in all divisions may play the same repertoire for the final round as the preliminary round.

There is no minimum length for a piece within the following time limit:

  1. Division I: less than 10 minutes

  2. Division II: less than 15 minutes

  3. Division III: less than 15 minutes

  4. Division IV: less than 20 minutes

Prizes for winners

  1. Division I: $100

  2. Division II: $150

  3. Division III: $120

  4. Division IV: $250

The prize winners will have an opportunity to perform at the SPMF Music Competition Winners Concert.

Competition process

Preliminary round:

Competitors submit video recording by July 28, 2024

Final round competitors announced: August 5, 2024

Final round: 

Finalists compete at the SPMF on September 7, 2024 at Stone Park (rain day September 14, 2024)

Winners announced same day

Final round competition is open to the public.

Judges’ decision is final.  



Applications open: May 6, 2024

Applications close: July 28, 2024

Application fee: $15



Yamaha CFX of S7X

All pictures and recordings rights reserved by the SPMF.

Official competition piano sponsored by Falcetti Pianos

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