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Greetings from the Director

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Music is an abstract art that deeply affects our minds.


Music mirrors our life. It transforms our emotions and reflects the sublime yet complex human mind through its various components.

Music has the power to connect people as we perform and enjoy it together and creates harmony in the world. 


Classical Music is one of the exquisite, profound accomplishments of human civilization that is composed of humankind’s great creativity and architectural minds.


When music flows through the air and touches my soul, I have beautiful dreams and feel a surge of pure joy. I hope the festival will be able to lighten up and unite everyone’s hearts and bring appreciation for music and nature.

With warmth,

Grace Soonjoo Moon

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Grace Soonjoo Moon is a pianist and composer who would like to share her love through music. She is an artist who contemplates the music and tries to evoke the meaning of notes and make them come alive. Her performances are sensitive, intellectual, and powerful.  When she performs, she feels great joy and complete freedom in herself. As a passionate pianist she endlessly pursues the perfection of music yet remains humble in music. Inspired by her love of improvisation, she enjoys working on composing piano pieces including piano solos, piano trios, violin-piano and cello-piano duos. One of her piano compositions, "Arirang Variation (Impressions from Samulnori)", which integrates Western classical music and traditional Korean music, premiered in Massachusetts. Originating from her love of harmony through music, she founded a children's choir and ensemble, and the choir won the first prize at the 1st Intercultural Children’s Choir Competition with her composition in Korea. She directed an Intercultural Music Festival for Peace Concert and as a pianist and a member of a piano trio she has performed in the U.S and Korea. She studied at Longy School of Music where she received the Longy School of Merit scholarship in classical piano performance studies and at Bridgewater State University. She was granted the Adrian Tinsley Program fund for her piano composition and was awarded the Frieda Rand Music Endowment fund for her performance. She has been teaching at music schools around the Boston area and resides in the Boston MetroWest. She is a musician who tries to connect to the audience through her music.

About Pianist Grace Soonjoo Moon

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